Business Modeling

A Business Model explains how your business works, and answers keys questions, Who is the customer? And what does the customer value? It also answers the fundamental questions every leader must ask: How do we make money in this business? What is the underlying economic logic that explains how we deliver value to customers at an appropriate cost?

Process Mapping

Business process mapping is a way to visualize your business does by taking into account roles, responsibilities and standards. Taking leadership one step further by providing a visual way to understand, analyze, and improve upon a current method of working.

Design Thinking

Design Thinking is a facilitated approach to solve complex problems, and find needed solutions for customers. Design Thinking draws upon reason, imagination, insight, and systemic thought, to explore possibilities of what could be, and to create desired outcomes that benefit the customer.

Professional Facilitation Service

Trained and experienced Silver Dart Group consultants can help make your next meeting more effective and efficient. We provide professional facilitators for off-site meetings, internal cross-functional meetings or regular team meetings. We will work with you to determine the meeting outcomes, set an agenda that is aggressive but comprehensive, and actively facilitate the meeting allowing all attendees (including the leader) to participate. Silver Dart Group will provide summary actions and follow-up to ensure these actions are being completed.

Facilitation Expertise

Our clients have used our facilitation expertise for:
• Developing teamwork
• Off-site meetings
• Collaboration between your organizations business units
• Cooperation between Stakeholders
• Management retreats
• Strategic planning
• Conflict resolution
• Brainstorming sessions

Why use a Silver Dart Group professional facilitator?
• Efficient use of time (the outside facilitator can move the meeting to a successful end)
• Allows all to participant (including the meeting leader)
• Provides an “outside” perspective that clarifies actions by asking the “right questions”
• Handles conflict from an external perspective – no taking sides or being seen as taking sides
• Captures just the Actions – and drives to ask “who will do this and when” – to allow accountability
• Creates the summary actions and follows-up
• Provides hands-on exercises (if needed) to help learn teamwork or other leadership principles
• Lets the Client forget about logistics, materials, agendas – by providing all materials and coordinating with the right people for logistics

Globally accessible and based out the Greater Toronto Area.

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