As you and your business grows, do you find yourself overseeing more and more business functions—some of them less familiar? An experienced business coach can help you improve your skills, facilitate your decision-making and support you in your pursuit to take your business to the next level.


Mentoring by empathetic and experienced business professionals who help you achieve your personal and professional goals. With experience developing and operating successful businesses, we offer advice and guidance.


Maxx is respected by clients as a “business leader” and passionate visionary in the Customer Experience Management methodology that is integral to every high performance professional. TALKS™ are rooted in ethical Leadership that encompasses the values of Intimate, Inclusive, Interactive and Intentional Conversations.

Professional Coaching Overview

In today’s results-driven marketplace, greater demands are required of managers and leaders to gain and maintain competitive advantage. There is greater pressure to develop and enhance skills needed to face ever increasing responsibilities, changing organizations, profit pressures and organizational competencies.

Many professionals hire coaches to enhance their leadership and communication skills. The benefit received in the Professional Coaching partnership is a greater confidence to execute strategy, lead change initiatives and build commitment in these dynamic and challenging times. The Core Training coaching practice provides this business partnership.

Our clients value the structured plan and support we provide as they face challenging issues, establish priorities and develop new behaviors in the accomplishment of leading and managing others.

Format (Customized As Required By Client)

Core Training provides a high-touch and personal face-to-face coaching process, coupled with internet video/voice collaborations. Variable time-frames are offered, geared totally to the desires and needs of the client. Although Core Training provides a standard format for the coaching process, the client determines the final format, customized to suite their specific needs. The coaching process includes:

Stage 1: Forming the Relationship

The coaching engagement begins with face-to-face meetings in which you and the coach build rapport and establish realistic guidelines and expectations. The coach also meets with the manager/leader of the person being coached to gain their insights. This phase creates the foundation for a collaborative relationship.

Stage 2: Assessment and Feedback

The discovery begins in the conversation with the coach and continues with the use of assessment tools to capture a snapshot of current leadership and management style, personality and behaviors. The tools can include a combination of behavioral style, interviews with colleagues, unobtrusive observations in the work environment, interviews with customers, review of performance appraisals and self-assessment. The information in this phase identifies development needs and provides the foundation for personal development.

Stage 3: Personal Development Action Plan

The next step in the process is to establish goals and plan change strategies based on the development needs. The development goals include short and long term development. The strategies for achievement often include stretch assignments, in addition to skill development approaches.

Stage 4: Coaching The Personal Development Action

On-going coaching sessions are conducted—some of them face-to-face and some via phone. Setbacks, obstacles and successes are the focus of discussions. In addition, real world practice occurs, with the aid of video-recorded skill development and playback critiques. The Core Training coach also follows up with the Professional on the progress of achieving the desired development goals.

Stage 5: Attendance at Professional Development Workshops

Based on identified development needs, the participant chooses to attend up to three public workshops. In addition to the content expertise and skill development of the workshops, participants gain insights from other key leaders from a diversity of organizations who attend the workshops. Participants are also exposed to broader learning from other Core Training consultants.

Stage 6: Sustainability

The Core Training coach utilizes specific sustainability techniques to reinforce positive behaviors and to help the individual change negative behaviors. These techniques include the individual being transparent, finding managers and peers to give feedback, and “dissemination of the change,” which helps the individual change peer and colleague perceptions. The Core Training coach uses integral follow-up points to reinforce the behavioral change.

Session Length

Core Training coaching sessions typically are three to four months, and continue according to the Client’s needs.

Fee Structure

The Client may choose from two fee structures:
• Individual sessions (pay for services as they are delivered)
• Paid in Full

Persons Best Suited For Coaching

Coaching facilitates the personal development process when the person:
• Recognizes performance problems based on behaviors that lead to ineffective leadership and communication
• Is selected as high potential candidate in succession planning process
• Faces significant increase in job responsibilities
• Desires to broaden experience and capacity to move to the next level in the organization
• Needs to develop interpersonal skills
• Needs to become more adept at influencing others
• Wants to improve ability to develop alliances
• Is leading across geographic, cultural and/or demographic boundaries
• Takes on unfamiliar assignments such as leading a business turnaround, rapid growth, organizational changes

Frequently Asked Questions

Within the partnership, what does the coach do? What does the individual do?

The role of the Coach is to provide an individual with objective assessment and observations that foster enhanced self-awareness and awareness of others. The coach practices astute listening in order to obtain full understanding of individual circumstances. In addition the coach:
1. Acts as sounding board for ideas, planning, decision making
2. Champions opportunities and potential
3. Encourages stretch of personal strengths
4. Fosters the shifts in thinking to reveal new perspectives
5. Challenges blind spots to illuminate possibilities
6. Supports the creation of alternative scenarios
7. Maintains confidentiality

The role of the Client is to own their personal development. The Client:
1. Creates the coaching agenda based on established goals
2. Utilizes assessment and observations to enhance self-awareness and awareness of others
3. Envisions personal and/or organizational success
4. Assumes personal responsibility for personal decisions and actions
5. Utilizes the coaching process to promote possibility thinking and new perspectives
6. Utilizes the tools, concepts, models and principles provided by the coach to effectively move forward personal development actions

What makes the coaching process so powerful and successful?
The relationship and structure of the coaching process provide the environment for personal development and change. The focus is on the individual as it relates to goal setting, outcome creation and personal change management.

What makes the Core Training Coaching Process unique?

The Core Training approach is to address issues directly with the individual while maintaining a “tough on the problem, gentle with the person” perspective. We often utilize The Belief System™ construct to diagnose problems. Unique to Core Training, The Belief System™ addresses whether individuals believe their effort will lead to performance (Can I do it?); their performance will lead to outcomes (Will I get an outcome?); and will the outcomes lead to satisfaction (Do I want the outcome?).

Our focus is primarily on teamwork, communication, operational vs. strategic balance and managing relationships. We focus on individual behavioral change.

We utilize specific sustainability techniques to reinforce positive behaviors and help the individual change negative behaviors. These techniques include the individual being transparent, finding colleagues and peers to give feedback, and “communicating the change”, which helps to change peer and colleague perceptions of the Client. Core Training uses integral follow-up points to reinforce the behavioral change.

How is coaching distinct from other service professionals?

Retained by individuals or organizations for the purpose of accessing specialized expertise. The consultant diagnoses problems, makes recommendations and implements solutions. Leads the process with sharing perspectives and insights from past experiences and successes related to client’s situation. The consultant is hired to do and/or lead the initiatives and/or projects.

An expert hired to share perspectives and insights based on their personal experience or sharing of experience in a specific area of industry or career development. The client does the work and the mentor is the guide in the process of achieving desired goals and results.

Supports personal growth and development based on individual initiating change in pursuit of specific actionable outcomes. Coaching is forward moving and future focused. It is a supportive, discovery-based approach and framework for development. The coach leads process with asking client questions that empower them to take action from the current situation that will assist in desired goals and results. The client completes the work. The coach is the partner providing support and observations in the process of achieving results. A key role of the coach is to provide objective feedback and communication.

Professional coaching builds its foundation from management consulting and leadership training. The focus on the client and coach relationship is self-awareness that leads to effective leadership and communication.


We work with professionals in the service-to-consumer companies, so we can specialize and become experts in most facets of the industry. A business mentor helps you create a strong strategy customized for your profession and then we are able to mentor you. Having industry relevance provides us the relevance and credibility to encourage successful behaviors in you. We help you create the measurements and benchmarks that allow you to track and manage the process of implementing your personal and professional model.

Our process works because we help you create a business model for you, then we assist with the implementation of this plan and hold you accountable for achievement. As you encounter challenges in this process we are available to assist in moving to the next stage in your personal and professional development.

The advantages of using a mentor
Mentors can help you step back from your business and look at the “big picture”, identifying strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats that you may have overlooked. They can also serve as a sounding board for your ideas, and help you to develop these ideas. Providing connections to key business people and customers is another role that a mentor will serve.

A successful, growing business brings new challenges such as hiring new staff, raising new capital and entering new markets. A mentor can offer helpful advice, caution against potential pitfalls and instill confidence in your plans.

Having a mentor won’t automatically fix all your professional and business challenges. It takes time and effort to implement changes. We can help you set goals and milestones as well make you accountable for delivering on them.


Maxx Kochar is a Leadership Speaker and Business Coach whose personal mission is to “help the next generation of leaders succeed”

He is respected by clients as a “business leader” and passionate visionary in the Customer Experience Management methodology that is integral to every high performance professional. TALKS™ are rooted in ethical Leadership that encompasses the values of Intimate, Inclusive, Interactive and Intentional Conversations.

What makes Maxx special as a speaker? He’s real. He’s got big ideas. He cares. He’ll move your audience to action. He’s a masterful storyteller. He’s relevant. He customises his presentations beautifully. He’s fun. And the tools that he shares will truly create lasting results in the professional and personal lives of the humans that hear him.

The message is simple: every individual within an organisation or community needs to be a Leader for your competitive and sustainable success. If you breathe you’re a leader. Maxx will share real world ideas and tools:

  • To help you and your teams create a pro-leader culture
  • To show your people how to become stylishly innovative, creative and more effective
  • To balance the demands of Professional and Personal Lifestyle
  • To become Icons at what you and your organisation does

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